Palm Sugar Tang Yuan Served in Soya Milk

Tang Yuan is not only meant for Winter Solstice, but also quite a common practice in Chinese culture to have them on Yuan Xiao 元宵 - the 15th day of Chinese New Year.

On this final day of the spring festival, I've made another small batch of palm sugar filled tang yuan so that I can treat my tummy to some traditional Chinese sweeties.

Only this time I'm serving them in some hot soy milk and not palm sugar syrup.

I don't have the right appliances to make soya milk at home just yet, but I'm not going to settle for soya milk that comes in a Tetrapak or bottle. It does have to be freshly made soya milk otherwise it will just taste so weird, so I've bought some from I Love Yoo the day before and kept it in the fridge. Just heat it up before serving. Yum!


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