Quick and Simple Christmas Antipasto Salad

When I have to prepare a big meal for more than 4 people, I prefer to have a salad that doesn't involve the usual lettuce and greens that go limp rather quickly in this humid weather. The fridge is often quite filled up at festive season so it's also hard to prepare ahead yet keep it fresh. Which means I can't buy these fresh ingredients too early, but neither would I fancy going to the grocer on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day!

Easily prepared, with all the right colours for Christmas

This year, I decided to have something that can be whipped up using ingredients that I readily have in the pantry:

Black olives
Green olives
Peppadews stuffed with feta cheese
Home marinated feta cheese
Dried cranberries (leftovers from making mincemeat)
Canned pineapple
Basil leaves freshly plucked from the garden

The only thing I needed to prepare ahead is to cut the canned pineapple into bite size chunks, mix them together with the dried cranberries in an airtight ceramic bowl, pour in some of the pineapple syrup plus 2 table spoons of white wine vinegar, just enough to cover the fruits. Put the lid on and leave it in the fridge overnight.

When it's time to prepare the salad, just place everything in a casserole dish/salad bowl, pour the well-soaked fruits together with the liquid, toss and mix well. I won't even add any extra dressing because, when I add in the stuffed peppers and feta cheese, I'll just let some of the brine (from the olives) and oil (came with the stuffed peppers and feta cheese) be added together. When the syrup + wine vinegar mixture (from soaking the fruits) is mixed it, there'll be a naturally existing dressing and it tastes heavenly!

Most importantly, no one's complained, not even the usual non-salad people.


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