Grilled Aubergine Topped with Homemade Pesto

Got chatting with a friend today about pesto and this question came up: "What else could we do with pesto apart from having it with pasta?" I have to say I've always taken this lovely condiment/spread for granted and have really only used it on pasta, and maybe the odd occasions of spreading it on toasts.

That really got me thinking, and my 'experimenting' nerves are starting to twitch.

Since I've done it on toasts, I reckon I could try putting it something else that goes well with toasting or grilling. As my luck goes, I do have 2 aubergines I bought from the farmers' market the other day; naturally it will be grilled aubergines with pesto as a side/starter!

The ingredients, so simple:
2 aubergines, sliced cross-way to about 1-cm thickness
Some homemade pesto
A little sunflower oil
Sprinkle of salt and pepper

The steps too, are simple:
Heat the oven to 180ºC.
Dribble a little sunflower oil into a baking dish, place the aubergine slices in the dish and move each one around so that each slice is evenly oiled on the bottom. Arrange them side by side in the middle of the dish.
Spread some pesto on top of each slice of aubergine, sprinkle with some salt and pepper.
Pour some water into the baking dish, filling up to just under half the thickness of the aubergine slices.
Cook in the oven for 25 minutes.

This, was the side dish for my dinner today.

I could be biased when I say it tasted lovely because I love both aubergine and pesto, so what could go wrong for me? But when it was cooking in the oven, all I could smell was the heavenly fragrant of basil and garlic in the pesto. Won't mind my kitchen smelling like that every now and again!

I think it should go well with chicken, so that may just be my next venture... 😉


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