Ramen with Tofu and Cabbage, Naturally and Literally White

It's so hot again today, I'm just not that fussed about eating - let alone cooking lunch. Whilst moping about on my lazy backside, I suddenly had this thought about the colour of food again, after I had some fun with the Egg, Apple & Vege Salad. Since there's white bread, white cake, white chocolate, white frosting, etc, can I possibly have something white - naturally and literally?

To take my mind off the torturous heat, I reacted right away:

  1. Chopped up some white cabbage and cut a slab of white firm tofu (about 4cmx4cm), and cook them in boiling water till the cabbage is just soft, for about 3 minutes. Scoop them out and set aside in a bowl.
  2. Cooked a packet of fresh ramen in the same remaining boiling water for about 3 minutes, drain the water and place the ramen noodle in a serving dish.\ and toss with a little dribble of sesame oil.
  3. Tip the tofu and the cabbage over the ramen, sprinkle over some ground garlic flakes and finish with a tablespoon of my favourite shrimp paste chilli.
I suppose it could be served in some miso soup, but I just can't be bothered. That much of heat is enough for one cooking session 😓.

It is white (except for the dot of red chilli that makes it look kinda like the Japanese flag from afar 😀), and it has protein, fibre and carb, plus whatever vitamins and minerals that came along.

Obviously I'm not going to be obsessed with colour-coordinating food, but once in a while (or week lol) could be fun!

Bon appetit to moi!


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