Super Easy, Egg Apple & Vege Salad

Today is one of those days: hot and humid, which makes me super duper tired and lazy. The last thing on earth I can think of doing is dealing with more heat from cooking or even eating.

I've got some reduced-priced green apples (some of which I'm planning to make apple sauce and/or apple crumble with), zucchini, white cabbage which I've used some for making coleslaw, and some ever-ready eggs.

Needless to say, salad it is then, for lunch. Apart from the boiled egg, everything is served raw. It's so simple, so little heat to consume; never knew that the combined taste of the slight bitterness of the cabbage, the tinge of sweetness of the zucchini and the apple's natural tartness can be so refreshing. Oh and not forgetting the added flavour from the sesame dressing, hmmm...

But most importantly, I really wanted to see how a picture of green, white and yellow would turn out to be 😆


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