Sweet Potato Soup Dessert 番薯糖水

This is a very common and popular dessert amongst the Chinese around the world and was a childhood favourite for me. I remember having this every Saturday or Sunday afternoon for many years and was never sick of it. In fact I still crave for it from time to time, because I just lurrrve the taste of sweet potato; and don't even get me started on its nutritional values.

Since there is a tuber of sweet potato left from making the Ondeh-Ondeh, I can't resist making this soupy dessert again - especially on this rather cool rainy day 😉

A very straight forward list of ingredients:

Sweet potato (300g is the one I have, should make 3-4 portions), peeled and cut into bite size chunks
A small chunk of fresh ginger root, about 2 cm, slightly crushed
A few screw pine leaves (optional, just makes it smells even better)
Sugar enough for taste, I've used a small piece of brown rock sugar

Making it is also super simple:

Place the sweet potato and ginger in a deep saucepan, fill the pan with filtered water till it's covered the potato and slightly over. How much over the content depends on how watery one likes the dessert to be.

Bring it to a boil and carry on cooking on medium to low heat for about 15 minutes or till the sweet potato is soft. Add it the sugar, stir till it's all dissolved then the heat can be turned off.

This can be served hot or chilled.

A couple of things about preparing sweet potato:

1. It needs to be placed in a bowl or pan of fresh water immediately after peeling and/or cutting, otherwise it will get oxidized and will turn brown on the surface.
2. It cooks quite easily so if we leave it cooking for too long it might get mashy.


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