Low Sugar Adzuki Bean Pancake/Pie 低糖红豆馅饼

After turning some leftover adzuki bean porridge to bean paste, I thought I'd better use some of it whilst it's still fresh. Conveniently, I've got 2 slices of frozen puff pastry left in the freezer. Just the right thing I need for making some Chinese red bean pie, or pancake, whatever one calls it.

Once the frozen puff pastry is at room temperature, I roll them out to slightly thinner rectangles.

In a small pizza pan, I rubbed a little butter on the base and place 1 slice of the rolled out pastry onto it.

Carefully, I spread some adzuki bean paste onto the pastry, leaving some space all round, 
then dabbed a little water on the four sides of the pastry.

Place the other pastry over it, carefully press it down and straighten the sides. 
Lightly press all around with a fork to secure the seal and create some pattern (although they all went missing after baking).

In it goes to the oven at 190ºC for about 10 minutes.

I have not tried making my own puff pastry so I can only settle with ready made frozen pastry for now. I'm sure homemade ones would taste much better, but we shall see... one day, I will try.


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