Homemade Dried Garlic Flakes for Grinder

I don't know about anyone else, but I can't always finish using all the garlic for cooking. Couldn't bear to see them rotting and go to waste, I make my own garlic flakes out of them. We love grinding some dried garlic over meals, but buying a 60g bottle with grinder will cost me at least £2. So it's a win-win, save the garlic, and some money.

It's not exactly rocket science, if I can manage it, most people could do it too:


Spread evenly in 1 layer on a silicon baking sheet,
toast in the oven at 100ºC (the lowest my oven can go) for 10-minute blocks of time.
Pick out browned ones at the end of every 10 minutes,
and put the remaining back for another 10 minutes, until every bit is nicely browned.

Cool completely,

Keep them in a used grinder bottle I kept from the last purchase.
I shall have some ramen soon 😋


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