Ramen with Tofu and Bean Curd Skin (腐竹)

This is a personal favourite: Japanese ramen in sesame oil and light soya sauce, with tofu and soy skin, topped with seaweed. It's a bit of a fusion here.

One of the perks of living in Asia is the easy access to all sorts of soya/soy products: tofu, soya milk, soya skin, not to mention soya sauce; all come in 1001 shapes and forms.

Some people have tofu and soy products in their diet due to health reasons, but I do just love the taste and they are so versatile in cooking. The fact that this range of food is also believed to be good for women's health, particularly in hormonal balance, is a real bonus.

There are 2 types of tofu here: a normal white firm tofu, and a fried tofu with seaweed mixed in. Both widely sold in most shops here.

What I usually do is to cut them all in cubes of 1 cm, take the amount I want to use then freeze the rest in an air-tight box. I will also separate them into expected cooking portions so that I won't have to try to break the hard frozen bits.

As for the soy skin/bean curd skin (腐竹), it's also something that's readily sold as cooking ingredients.

I've used 1 serving Vit's Fresh Ramen that comes in 3 in a pack, which texture I really like and the portion is just nice for me.

What follows next is simple:

Place the tofu cubes and soy skin in a small pan, fill water to about 2 cm over the level of the tofu, bring to a boil and let it simmer for about 10 minutes. The water would be reduced and the flavours from the seaweed tofu and the soy skin would make it a light gravy. Turn heat off.

Cook the ramen in another pan of boiling water, for 5-7 minutes, making sure that all strands are separated. Drain the water and transfer the ramen onto a deep plate. Pour the tofu, soy skin and some of the soup/gravy (you can have all of it if you like it soupy) onto the ramen.

Garnish with some Japanese seaweed, chilli flakes and ground garlic. I can eat this everyday. 😀


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